A Brief History...

Tooley, Adams & Co. was founded in 1982 by Mick Tooley, Doug Adams and Steve Luck. Ronald Vere Tooley (Mick) (1898-1986), author of many reference books and pamphlets on the subject of antique maps, including Maps and Mapmakers, The Mapping of America and The Mapping of Australia. He started in the antique book trade after demobilisation from the army in 1919. Specialising originally in colour plate books and then atlases and maps. The second partner, Douglas Adams (1931-2004), joined Tooley at Francis Edwards Ltd in 1964, one of the largest antique bookshops in the world at that time. They worked together to establish one of the foremost antique map departments, supplying map dealers, museums and libraries throughout the world. Every map collection somewhere, has a map or atlas purchased from Tooley's.

The third partner, Steve Luck FRGS (1953-), joined them in 1979 and over the years they have established one of the largest antique map suppliers in the world today. Dealing with maps and atlases of all areas and across every price range, from £10 to £100,000. Many collections have been formed or amassed by them and help or advice is given freely, to anybody wanting to start collecting or to those forming a collection.

We specialise only in original antique printed maps, from 1477 to 1860 of all parts of the world.

Our customer base is global and ranges from Collectors, Libraries (National and Private), Institutions, Colleges and Universities to people that just want something to decorate their homes or offices.

We have original antique maps from £10 - £1000+, they make wonderful gifts and are always greatly appreciated.

A list of some books written by R.V.Tooley:

  • Some English Books with Coloured Plates (Batsford - 1935)
  • Maps in Italian Atlases of the 16th Century (Imago Mundi, 3 (1939). 12-47)
  • Maps and Map-makers (Batsford - 1961)
  • Dictionary of Mapmakers (Meridian & Alan Liss 1978)
  • A History of Cartography (Thames & Hudson, London - 1969)
  • The Mapping of Australia (Holland Press 1979)
  • The Mapping of America (Holland Press 1980)