Antique Maps of the Asia Continent

Asiæ Nova Descriptio.


DE WIT, Frederick.

Origin: Amsterdam, c.1670.

A highly decorative carte-a-figures map of the Asian Continent. Cartographic detail includes the Dutch discoveries made by Abel Tasman in Australasia & Maarten Vries to the north of Japan. Native figures form the side borders and six town plans form the upper border, they include; Ormus, Aden, Jerusalem and Damascus.

Condition: Original colour; light soiling mainly to the margins, otherwise a fine example.

Size: 440 x 560mm (17¼ x 22 inches).

Reference: 10496

Price: £2250

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Asia Vetus.


SANSON, Nicolas.

Origin: Paris, 1667.

A fine map of Ancient Asia, this edition carries the date 1667. Nicolas Sanson was instrumental in the rise of French cartography, although the fierce competition from the Dutch would last until the end of the 17th century. His success was partly due to the partnership with the publisher Pierre Mariette. In 1644, Mariette managed to purchase the business of Melchior Tavernier and also gave Sanson financial support in producing the maps. In 1657 Pierre Marriette died, however his son, also named Pierre, continued the business as co-publisher for some years afterwards.

Condition: Original outline colour; light marginal spotting, overall fine condition.

Size: 405 x 565mm (16 x 22¼ inches).

Reference: 12278

Price: £380

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Asia noviter delineata.


BLAEU, Johannes.

Origin: Amsterdam, 1663, French text edition.

One of the most decorative maps of the whole continent available. The top set of vignettes include Goa, Damascus, Jerusalem, Aden and Macao.

Condition: Original colour, light overall age-toning, short repaired tear to upper margin, otherwise a very good example.

Size: 410 x 560mm (16¼ x 22 inches).

Reference: 8442

Price: £2600

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Asia recens summa cura delineata.


HONDIUS, Henricus.

Origin: Amsterdam, H.Hondius,1637.

A very decorative map of Asia, first published 1631.

Condition: Fine original colour; some old creasing to lower centrefold, light age-toning to margins, otherwise a very good example.

Size: 375 x 495mm (14¾ x 19½ inches).

Reference: 11841

Price: £1100

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Origin: London, 1851.

An attractive and well detailed steel plate engraving of Asia with further engraved vignettes including views of Petra, Tartars, Russian Peasants and indigenous fauna. John Tallis is without question one of the most renowned cartographers and publisher of the C19th. His maps are the last of the lavishly decorated and ornamental maps, considered to be works of art as well as geographically accurate. He was born in Stourbridge in Worcestershire in about 1818 and it is likely that he stayed in the Midlands working as a publisher in Birmingham, until he moved to London in the early 1840′s.

Condition: Original outline colour; trimmed close to bottom margin with no loss, otherwise a fine unfolded example.

Size: 260 x 330mm (10¼ x 13 inches).

Reference: 8275

Price: £110

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Origin: Paris, 1856.

A steel engraving, with finely engraved vignette borders with ten costume vignettes.

Condition: Original outline colour; paper lightly age-toned in the margins with minor soiling, otherwise very good.

Size: 315 x 450mm (12½ x 17¾ inches).

Reference: 4964

Price: £90

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Im Fluge durch die Welt (Flying through the World).



Origin: Germany, 1900.

A German postcard map of Asia, showing fans, a Chinaman and a pergoda. Postmarked 1900, with stamp.

Condition: Chromolithograph; a used postcard, with contemporary ink manuscript front and verso, light age-toning.

Size: 140 x 88mm (5½ x 3½ inches).

Reference: 15683

Price: £24

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[No title].



Origin: Strassburg, Joannes Grüninger, 1522.

From the third edition of Ptolemy's geography published at Strassburg, edited by Laurentius Fries. A slightly reduced version of Martin Waldseemüller's map of 1513. The 'modern' map of Asia, with no title, shows part of the Arabian Peninsular, India and the Malaysian Peninsular. The Latin text on the verso is accompanied by a superb woodcut - said to be the work of Albrecht Dürer.

Condition: Uncoloured woodcut; slight brown stain in the centrefold, probably oil, well away from printed area, otherwise fine.

Size: 295 x 440mm (11½ x 17¼ inches).

Reference: 7232

Price: £1950

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