Antique Maps of The Poles

A Map of the Countries Thirty Degrees Round the North Pole.


NEELE, Samuel John.

Origin: London, 1796-.

A map of the Arctic Circle and just over 6 degrees south. Show a fairly accurate map , although with the northen coast of North America and Greenland rather scetchy. Engraved by Samuel Neele, not sure of publication, but the paper has a dated watermark of 1796. Notes on the map refer to 'Dog Ribb'd Indians', 'Copper Indians' and 'Northern Indians'. And at 70 degrees a note 'The Sea 1772'.

Condition: Uncoloured; expertly restored upper and lower margins with no loss of printed surface, light signs of old folds from the book, otherwise a fair example and priced accordingly.

Size: 350 x 350mm (13¾ x 13¾ inches).

Reference: 12387

Price: £90

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A New & Accurate Map of the North Pole.


BOWEN, Emanuel.

Origin: London, 1752.

A superb map of the North Pole and countries around it, as you move away from the zero meridian the distortions and misconceptions of the day become more apparent. From 'A Complete Atlas, or Distinctive View of the Known World'.

Condition: Uncoloured; very light age-toning to edges of margins, otherwise a fine example.

Size: 380 x 430mm (15 x 17 inches).

Reference: 8999

Price: £380

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Nouva Carta del Polo Artico.


L'ISLE, Guillaume de.

Origin: Venice, Girolamo Albrizzi, 1740.

A map of the Northern Hemisphere from 'Atlante Novissimo che Contiene Tutte le Parti del Mondo'. From the North Pole down to 45° degrees. California is an island, the mythical island of Frisland is shown as are other cartographical misconceptions, an unavigable North West Passage and a huge void of land area between Canada and the Bering Strait.

Condition: Uncoloured; light centrefold toning due to guard paste, very light print offset and minor marginal staining, otherwise a fine example.

Size: 280 x 340mm (11 x 13½ inches).

Reference: 9747

Price: £280

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Southern Hemisphere.


WYLD, James.

Origin: London, 1844.

A superbly detailed map showing short sections only of the known land mass in Antarctica at this time, including a note on South Victoria "Mt Erebus active volcano 12,400 ft high" and "Mt Terror". Also "Land seen by Kemp" and "D'Urville's discovery 1840". Fascinating to think that this map was produced only five years after the James Clark Ross expedition of 1839 in the ships Erebus and Terror. His second in command F.R.M. Crozier, who, with both the ships, was to disappear on Franklin's tragic expedition in 1845. The known geography of the region was to remain virtually unchanged for nearly 60 years and it was not until 1900 that the Royal Geographical Society commissioned an expedition under Robert Scott (1868-1912).

Condition: Original colour; slight print offset, light spotting and minor foxing, otherwise a fine example.

Size: 585 x 590mm (23 x 23¼ inches).

Reference: 11340

Price: £280

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