Antique Maps of the American Continent

America sive India Nova.


MERCATOR, Michael.

Origin: Amsterdam, Jodocus Hondius, 1609, French text edition.

The only known map engraved by Gerard Mercator's grandson (better known for his engraving of the Drake silver medal while resident in London in 1589). First published in Duisburg, 1595, it shows North and South America within a sphere, with a large New Guinea and "Terra Australis Nondum Cognita". A clear North-West Passage is shown; the St Lawrence river runs past the unknown Great Lakes to rise in a mountain chain mid-continent; the mythical "Friesland" is shown near Iceland; South America has a distinctive bulge in the south-west (removed from Ortelius' map 1587), and at the North Pole is the island invented for magnetic north. Around the map is an extensive floral pattern with roundels in each corner, one for the title, the others for inset maps of the Gulf of Mexico, Cuba and Haiti.

Condition: Finely hand coloured; excellent condition over all with only very minor age-toning to the margins

Size: 375 x 470mm (14¾ x 18½ inches).

Reference: 6999

Price: £3800

Americae Sive Novi Orbis, Nova Descriptio.


ORTELIUS, Abraham.

Origin: Antwerp, 1587-92, Latin text edition.

The third copperplate for the map of the America's produced for the 'Theatrum Orbis Terrarum'. The 'bulge' has been removed indicating post 1587. With additional information on Terra Australis and the Solomon Islands added and a new cartouche in North America.

Condition: Superbly coloured; very short centrefold split repaired, otherwise fine condition.

Size: 355 x 485mm (14 x 19 inches).

Reference: 6817

Price: £3800

Americae Sive Novi Orbis, Nova Descriptio.


ORTELIUS, Abraham.

Origin: Antwerp, 1579, Latin Text.

The second copperplate for the map of the America's produced for the 'Theatrum Orbis Terrarum'. The 'bulge' is still present indicating pre-1587, but the engraved border has the semi-circular strapwork of the 1579 plate, also with the largest ship in the Pacific shown sailing eastwards.

Condition: Finely coloured; some marginal soiling and staining, two very small pin sized holes, one at centrefold, the other in the top border, signs of old creasing in the lower part of the map, otherwise very good.

Size: 355 x 495mm (14 x 19½ inches).

Reference: 9469

Price: £4600

Carte D'Amerique Dressée pour l'usage du Roy.


COVENS, Jean & MORTIER, Corneille.

Origin: Amsterdam, 1739.

A Dutch edition of De L'Isle's map of the America's, published 1739.

Condition: Original colour; some wear to printed surface in lower right corner effecting the line border and grid, light water staining and age-toning, small holes and nicks to margins, otherwise a good example.

Size: unknown

Reference: 12228

Price: £780

Im Fluge durch die Welt (Flying through the World).



Origin: Germany, 1900.

A German postcard map of North and South America, shows a cowboy, the Statue of Liberty, Niagera Falls and a native American.

Condition: Chromolithograph; a used postcard, with contemporary ink manuscript front and verso, light age-toning.

Size: 140 x 88mm (5½ x 3½ inches).

Reference: 15681

Price: £28

Terra Nova ac Maris Tractus circa Novam franciam, Angliam, Belgium, Venezuelam Novam Andalusiam, Guianam et Brasiliam.


WIT, Fredrick de.

Origin: Amsterdam, 1675.

A rare example of the first edition by Fredrick de Wit, a map of the Western Atlantic showing the coast from Newfoundland to Brazil. With Long Island (Lange), Manhattan Island (Manathans), Cape Cod and the Caribbean Islands from Hispaniola to Trinidad shown. Highly decorative allegorical cartouches for the titles, fighting ships and compass roses. There are later editions by Ottens (1715) and Renard (1745).

Condition: Original colour; light age-toning, particularly around the eges where a mount would have been, centrefold split repaired, laid on heavier paper, overall a fair example and priced accordingly.

Size: 490 x 570mm (19¼ x 22½ inches).

Reference: 12960

Price: £560